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Susannah Indigo

Susannah Indigo lives in Colorado, where she is a writer, editor and consultant. Her work is widely published in magazines, books and on CD's. She is the editor-in-chief of Clean Sheets Magazine, which publishes "the best erotic writing, delivered fresh weekly," and is also the editor of Slow Trains literary journal, devoted to fiction, essays and poetry, with great recommendations on things to read both on and off the Web.

Susannah has won awards for her writing, and she was a finalist in the PEN/Harry's Bar Imitation Hemingway Contest. She recently was honored to take part in Susie Bright's Best American Erotica 2000 Revue at Slim's Nightclub in San Francisco, and also to be a finalist in the Moondance International Film Festival.

Susannah has been praised by Marcy Sheiner (editor of the Herotica and Best Women's Erotica series) in Pif Magazine, saying "She's funny, honest, deep and writes wonderful characters. To me, that is the key to a story working. Any story really, erotic or not."

Both Susannah and Clean Sheets Magazine have been chosen as finalists in the London 8th Erotic Awards, in the categories of Best Erotic Writer and Best Erotic Web Site. The awards will take place at the 2001 Sex Maniacs' Fairy Tale Ball, which is a benefit for Outsiders, a self help group for people who find themselves emotionally and sexually isolated because of physical or social disabilities.

Books and CD's

Oysters Among Us
Erotic tales of wonder

From Porn to Poetry: Clean Sheets Celebrates the Erotic Mind

Clean Sheets' new anthology -- coming in December!

Going mad from roses
Poetry chapbook

Of the Flesh: Dangerous New Fiction
(Story: Night Dreams)

The Mammoth Book of Best New Erotica 2001
(Story: Do What You Love)

Best Bisexual Women's Erotica
(Story: The Year of Fucking Badly)

Best Women's Erotica 2001
(Story: The Language of Snakes)

Best American Erotica 2000
(Story: Thief of Cocks)

Best Women's Erotica 2000
(Story: Ratatouille)

Herotica 6
(Story: Shadows on the Wall)

Libido's Best CD
(Story read by Richard Pacheco: Ratatouille)

Zine Publications
Fiction and Poetry

Dancing With the Streets
a bit of whimsy on the best of vacations

Lying With Tony
on having the hots for Tony Soprano

Something In The Wind
"tragic" fiction in Ophelia's Muse

Slow Trains

humorous fiction in Mind Kites

The Chocolate Dream
obsession & romance, sweetly

Slow Trains
an erotic tale of love

You Can Call Me Al
political/sexual humor

poetry in Poems Niederngasse

Yes/The Bridge
erotic poetry in Erotic Vox

Zine Publications
Essays and Reviews

Dance Naked
for the holidays

My Mother Reads Penthouse
essay in Salon Magazine

Love Is Not A Pie
on the expansion of the heart

Raindrops on Roses and Whisking the Kitten
an introduction to National Masturbation Month

I Believe: The Art of Sex & Storytelling in the City
on passion & believing & right speech

M.F.K. Fisher: A Poet of the Appetites
the real 'sensuous woman'

Tales From the Teenage Sexual Front:
Blowjobs, Outercourse, and the Girls Who are Fly

article in Salon Magazine

Better Than Sex: The Erotic Feast of Summer
on the magic number 168

Still Doing It: women & men over 60 write about sexuality
book review -- an inspiration

The Mother's Guide to Sex
book review -- a gift for every mother


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