Past Issues

Issue #1 -- Summer 2001

Our launch issue includes some great writing, ranging from the love of music to lyrical, prismatic, and sometimes downright funny, poems. From Pamplona to Las Vegas, from baseball to Vietnam, with the humor of pigs in the bedroom and envelopes that speak, the premiere issue of Slow Trains travels into some of the most fascinating and vulnerable territories of our lives.

Poets include: Robert Gibbons, Pasquale Capocasa, Janet I. Buck, John Eivaz, Samantha Cruz, Christopher Locke, Gerald Forshey, and Scott Poole.

Essays are included on gambling from Brian Weiss; on Vietnam from Marc Levy; on the theater of time from Brian Peters, and a tribute to Bob Dylan (as he is now) from Jeff Beresford-Howe.

In memory: John Lee Hooker, as he was to a fan, Phillip Poff.

On baseball: Oona Short takes a fine flight of fancy with Evie's first trip to the ballpark in The Truth About Paradise.

Our fiction section includes Michael Braverman's heartbreaking Paraphernalia; Jamie Joy Gatto's envelopes that speak directly to a writer's paranoia; Ron Porter's memories of a French lost love, in Mari ; a double treat from Jerry G. Erwin with Pig Heaven and Cow Girl, where the animals are sometimes wiser, and more useful, than humans ; Diane Payne's On Track, a poignant tale of growing up on all sides of the tracks; and finally, a whimsical vision of dancing with the streets.

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