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Susannah is the founder and editor of Slow Trains Literary Journal, which exists as a celebration of great writing, with an emphasis on fiction, essays, and poetry that reflect the spirit of adventure, the exploration of the soul, the energies of imagination, and the experience of Big Fun. Music, travel, sex, humor, love, loss, art, spirituality, childhood/coming of age, baseball, and dreams -- these are a few of our favorite things at Slow Trains -- but most of all we exist to share the ideas, the memories, and the visions that our writers are most passionate about.

Slow Trains is published quarterly on the days that the seasons change (solstice/equinox), with the Slow Trains journal, Rave On: Postcards from Slow Trains updated by writers from around the world on at least a weekly basis.

Slow Trains has recently been honored to have fiction included in the first "Best of the Online Journals" award anthology, E2Ink-1, guest edited by Pam Houston.

Susannah is also the editor-in-chief of Clean Sheets Magazine, which was founded in October 1998 by a small group of writers who dreamed of an online erotic magazine that didn't take itself too seriously, but still did its best to be fresh, clear, and exciting. Clean Sheets has published new articles, fiction, poetry and reviews every Wednesday since that time. All of the writing is showcased on the front page for four weeks, and then moved to the free archive of great erotic writing.

Clean Sheets is honored to have had many stories selected for anthologies such as Susie Bright's Best American Erotica, Marcy Sheiner’s Best Women’s Erotica, and Maxim Jakubowski’s Mammoth Book of Best New Erotica. Clean Sheets has three special-issue months -- February is devoted to the eroticism of travel, July is an Erotic Feast, and October is "Kinky Ink" month, when articles and fiction are devoted to interesting and well-known erotic writers and editors.

Clean Sheets' mission statement: to be a weekly magazine devoted to encouraging and publishing quality erotic fiction, poetry, and articles, providing honest information and thoughtful commentary on sexuality to the public, and fostering an ongoing discussion of sexuality in the lives of individuals and in a global society.

Be sure to bookmark the Clean Sheets weblog, Short Sheets, which is updated every few days with links, short erotica, and more.

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